Art & crafts

charmoni ©1997

One of many leaf paintings, watercolour.

Art has been a lifelong interest of mine.

I loved sketching a lot and I always come back to that.

I also tried the art of watercolor painting and  I had some appreciated exhibitions.

Alongside with sketching I was also woodcrafting; I made (and make) wooden toys. But during the knife show in Skokloster 2003 I caught the sight of  knife making for the first time. After that I was hooked. It was like opening the box of Pandora: it never ends.

Knife making is the ultimate handicraft.

You must have knowledge about steel for making the blades, and also about wood, horn, bone and all the other materials included in the handle. And when you are finished making the blade and the handle there is the knife sheath left to make. And then it comes down to some leatherwork and sewing, and how to create nice seams on the leather.


Brunte - it's not a wooden horse, it's a real friend, helping you when life is blue...
One of many leaf paintings, watercolour.